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Upcoming Classes and Events
*limited in person events at this time due to Covid restrictions.

Moon Meditations

via ZOOM on the Full and New Moon.
Donations accepted with gratitude, but not necessary
Please message me if you would like the link at
[email protected] 

The Moon is the astronomical body closest to us and, therefore, has a profound influence upon us, which offers us powerful energies to connect to for transformation during her many phases. Working regularly with her cycles helps to bring us back into the natural rhythms of creation that have been lost to us.

NEW MOON: The Dark Moon is a powerful time to release the energies that are no longer serving your highest potential. These times hold the discovery of who you are. As we are deep in the heart of eclipse season, join Sheree in meditation and intention to journey into the dark and let go for inner transformation.

FULL MOON: The Fullness of the Moon is a powerful time to add extra power to intentions already in the works, it represents a completion of things. Join us in meditation to connect with your intentions and amplify them to completion.

Reiki Training

Class size limited, register early to guarantee your spot by calling (508) 888-2456 or email [email protected]

Reiki Level One Training and Certification

Saturday- January 15, 2022

10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Cost: $150

Reiki Master Teacher Training and Certification
Saturday- February 26/27, 2022

10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Saturday Level 3 ONLY - $275
Sunday Teacher Training ONLY - $175

OR FULL Weekend Master/Teacher Training - $444

Both Trainings held at Two Feathers Healing Arts Center, Sandwich MA

Reiki Level One Class Description:

Reiki Level One for Self Care and Caregivers: Take Yourself from Helpless to Helpful

This Reiki One class is designed specifically for self care... for caregivers and practitioners providing body work, counseling and care for their family, friends and/or clients. (You may be a professional caregiver, or if you are a Mom/Dad, pet owner, friend…you are a caregiver!) In my Reiki/Energy Medicine practice, I work with many people experiencing devastating illnesses and their families. I have also worked with colleagues experiencing the burnout that happens when you give too much of yourself without taking time for your own self care. In essence we are all caregivers in some area of our life.

This class will focus on the benefits of Reiki in keeping yourself healthy and in balance while offering comfort, stress relief and relaxation for your clients or loved ones experiencing any physical, emotional and medical challenges.

In Reiki First Degree you will learn about and are attuned to the ancient energy healing of Reiki. Learn the history of Reiki, hand positions, self healing and give and receive a full Reiki Healing Session. With the Reiki attunement you will leave with the ability to channel Reiki. You will be permanently aligned to begin healing yourself and others including people, animals, plants and more. Manual and Certificate included.

Past Life Regression Group Sessions

Join us for a lecture and discussion about Past Lives followed by a guided past life journey to explore some of your own.

Allow yourself to be guided into a deep state of relaxation where you can more easily access the subconscious mind to explore your own past life memories that may result in healing present life challenges or gaining a deeper understanding of your souls unique journey.



Harmonizing the Divine Within: Energy Alignment Sessions with Sheree and Taylor

Sheree and Taylor combine their energies for a unique healing session bringing forth the archetypal energies of the divine masculine and feminine expressions to align these energies within your own body’s matrix, deconstructing and deprogramming old energy patterns, to gently bring you back into your original state of balanced consciousness. Once back into balance your fullest potential is found in accessing the fluid wisdom, creativity and nurturing love of the feminine and the fearless, focused, courageous energy of the masculine. The alignment created by this balanced union supports the frequency for healing, creation and manifestation.


Pre-scheduled sessions are
30 minutes for $50

One Hour for $100

Sheree and Taylor are available for Private Full Healing Sessions by appointment if you cannot make our monthly offering. Available in Sandwich or Carver.

To reserve a time please contact Sheree at

[email protected]

or call 508-930-1887

Learn more about Taylor at TaylorEastman.com

Sheree Is a beautiful teacher, her genuine desire to help others heal really shines through.

~ Linda W.

Hi Sheree, It has been a great privilege, both, to have received reiki from you and to have been your student for Reiki II and Reiki Master/Teacher. You have not only welcomed me and taught me well, but taught me to honor my own abilities. My reiki treatment with you was absolutely amazing. I felt better and lighter than I had in a long time. I was blessed to have been in your reiki classes. You were patient with me and made sure I understood everything and got it all down. You helped me be confident in both my ability and my intuition. I am so glad that our paths met, thank you!

- Eric W.

Words cannot truly express how deeply grateful and profoundly moved I have been by Sheree. Our paths crossed at the perfect time in my life and she has been a teacher who truly walks her talk. What began as a synchronistic meeting turned into a recognition of the soul sister in each of us. I didn’t know how I had longed to meet her until I did. I feel so privileged to have been taught by all levels of Reiki by her and am continuing on my journey with her by embracing my Divine Feminine with her support, love, encouragement and grace. She is a Goddess whose light shines so brightly that it’s hard not to feel my own radiance when I’m with her. I am so honored to call her my teacher, my friend and most definitely my Soul Sister. I love her dearly and would not be who I am on this journey of mine without her. xoxo

- Shannon K.

Sheree, thank you so much for today's Reiki II experience. You teach and represent the healing art with much Reverence, Grace & Wisdom what a gift you are. You know phrase..."when the student is ready the teacher will come". I want to let you know I am very appreciative & blessed, that you have been available in this time, to be a teacher for me now. One of the most perfect teachers, at the perfect time. in the perfect place-wow for me trifecta!

~ Donna F.


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Sheree's Support Circles:

Sheree provides a safe and confidential environment where each person is afforded their sacred space to either silently or actively participate in the exploration of their souls. There is never judgement, just love and support. Sheree has the inate ability to lead you on a path of self discovery which inevitably leads all the pure knowing of our own divine nature. I would encourage all to participate in her workshops and soul support groups. I leave her presence feeling more aware, present in the moment, and with a clear knowing that I am always loved and supported. I am profoundly grateful that our paths have crossed and that I connected with such a loving and compassionate spiritual teacher.

~Anne M.